Nick jonas is not dating selena gomez

Posted by / 09-Jan-2020 05:38

Nick jonas is not dating selena gomez

Now smoldering adult pop stars, the rumors of their reignited romance have people losing their damn minds.So while Page Six’s report is entirely plausible, our gut reaction is to greet that type of info with a collective “meh.” After all, it sounds like the standard tabloid rumor-mongering that usually occurs when a bunch of hot, young celebrities get drunk and party together.

Filed under: Entertainment | Tags: dating, nick jonas, pictures, selena gomez | A lot of people are already hearing rumors that two Disney Channel big names are dating.(the way it was with Miley) They want to keep this to themselves and you guys lets just let them.I mean i know they’re 2 of the biggest celebs out there, and them dating is one of the juciest stories out there but we should respect them as if they are regular teenagers.Naturally, that spiked the singer’s heart rate a bit.But hey, if there’s anything good that came out of it, perhaps it’s how close Swift and Gomez got during that time?

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But, as you’ll notice above, this particular rumor has a photograph verifying its veracity, which means it’s no longer a rumor. Nick Jonas was indeed being very flirty with Selena Gomez. One thing’s for sure: We won’t rest until we find out.