Nick jonas admits dating selena gomez

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Nick jonas admits dating selena gomez

“Okay, so this was at a time when my brothers and I were a boy band and we were in Central Park and [Selena and I] were very private about our relationship,” Nick explained as his heart rate spiked.“And she was unhappy that her Central Park experience was ruined by the fact that I walked about 20 feet away from her.“I’ve enjoyed meeting different people and spending time with people with all the cards on the table. And at my age too, dating is important, getting to know yourself by meeting different people, seeing what it’s all about.” Luckily for Nick, he avoided an encounter with Lily’s dad, who is known as much for his sharp tongue as his drumming skills. I’ve been to one of his shows with Genesis at the Hollywood Bowl.When I asked Nick if he was scared of getting on the wrong side of the Genesis star, he replied: “I wouldn’t want to do that. It was great.” Lily isn’t the only lady to attract Nick’s attention since he split from Miss Universe girlfriend Olivia Culpo last year.Even though they were taking pictures of us and obviously we were there together, it was like, ‘It would be better if we stand about 25 feet apart,'” he continued.“So it ruined her Central Park experience, so her and Taylor Swift, who was dating my brother Joe — but we never confirmed it — walked 25 feet behind us as we walked through the park by ourselves.” The story is not quite embarrassing as we thought, but it's still fun to get those historical details about Selena, Nick, Joe, and Taylor!Tropez, where the two were spotted showering together, which ignited lesbian rumors.

"Since [the breakup], I've realized that I've met so many great guys, but I like being the girl nobody can have," she added. "Maybe he'll be my best friend for the rest of my life," she speculated, "or maybe I'll end up marrying Nick Jonas!Since putting his Jonas Brothers days behind him, Nick Jonas has transformed himself into one of the hottest solo stars on the planet.Back then he went out with fellow pop youngsters Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, but of late the singer’s love life has garnered more interest than ever before.You might remember rumors going around that the song “7 Things” was about him. Miley never confirmed it, but there was one tiny detail that gave it away. Now that that rumor has been debunked, hopefully, Nick will dish on other details of his past relationships – or better yet, reveal if any of Taylor's songs were about Joe!“She's wearing a dog tag in this that I gave her when I was 14,” he admitted. Let's face it, we know “Forever & Always” is — we hardly even need that confirmed.

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The star hit the headlines after being spotted on a series of dates with Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson in September.