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But he’d built up a huge property empire, becoming the richest Pole in Britain — so Mum married him for his money.Inevitably, the thrill of wearing mink and getting her hair done daily began to pall.Trembling with fear, she said the plan was to say that Stefan had accidentally gassed himself. And even more so when we found two policemen standing outside Stefan’s ward.'I urged her to leave him, but the pull of his money was too strong.Socialite Basia Briggs recounts her eventful life including her mother's attempt to kill her own husband, her rise and fall among Britain's social elite and how her mother's affair ended her marriage - but gave her a new life When I was just 13, my mother tried to murder her second husband, Stefan — and I helped her get away with her crime.Her name was Camilla, and she was exceptionally beautiful.

If you’d met me at 14 — a year after Mum tried to kill Stefan — you’d never have guessed I had such a difficult home life.There were hunt balls in Wiltshire, house parties in Gloucestershire, clubbing at Tramp nightclub, dinners at the most fashionable restaurants — and I was an integral part of it all.My entree had been accidental: Olga, a girl I’d known since childhood, introduced me to two of the boys, aged 23, at a coffee bar.One summer, we all went to Italy for a week together.'I knew each man was as desperate as the other to marry Mum.But she miscalculated: each died within six months of the other of a heart attack, leaving her alone for the first time.

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  1. both our family thinks i need to just give him his time and space that his asking for - they think that within time he will get himself out of this funk and want to get back together with me - im trying to stay positive and hopeful but its so hard to hear him say that he just needs to be single right now.