Nail chronology aid dating old buildings

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Nail chronology aid dating old buildings

1994 Flintknapping: Making and Understanding Stone Tools. Sections of this chapter were taken from: Ashmore, Wendy and Robert J. Nol Hume, Ivor 1970 A Guide to Artifacts of Colonial America.

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Excavations at a late eighteenth-century house site in Loudoun County, Virginia, uncovered an artifact which was likely an object of malevolent conjuration.

Such artifacts of "magic to harm" have rarely been found (Wilkie, 1997, p.

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It was not until around 1600 that the first machine for making nails appeared, but that tended really to automate much of the blacksmith's job.

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In Tudor times, we have evidence that the nail shape had not changed at all as can be seen by the nails found preserved in a barrel of tar on board the 'Mary Rose' - the Tudor flag ship of Henry VIII built in 1509 and recovered from the mud of the Solent in 1982.

Chaos ensued as a mix of high-explosive bombs and incendiary weapons were dropped on the town.

The incendiary devices, which were made from magnesium, were designed to penetrate through roofs before exploding and starting a raging fire.) who came into prominence with the dynasties of the Middle and New Kingdoms.

This chronology is derived from a typology based on a combination of general information about the historical developments of the technology applied by the nail manufacturing industry and the periods of actual use for each of twelve basic nail types presently identified as having been used in Louisiana.

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