My daughter is dating a gang member updating heating from radiators to vents

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My daughter is dating a gang member

The study tracked a sample of 615 urban males from 1988 through 1996.The study found a high rate of teen fatherhood: more than one-quarter of their sample (28 percent, or 175 teenagers) reported that they had become fathers before their 20th birthdays.They beat him so badly that steel plates had to be implanted in his skull to keep it from collapsing.She cried throughout the entire interview as she told of the way in which she was treated by her father when she was a child." r or shoot someone, run home, and their mother hides them.When we get there, she says 'He's not home right now.' What can we do when this goes on?Maybe successful parenting at such an early age was possible 50 years ago, but today, with the need to finish school and obtain work, the odds of raising a child successfully at such an early age are low. The teenage mothers themselves are also at risk for these problems.The Rochester Youth Development Study's examination of teen fatherhood was designed to identify early risk factors for increasing the likelihood of becoming a teen father.

Or they know what's going on and just don't say anything about it." A minister in the same community said "They'll say 'If there is a gang problem, it's not our kids.Some of them wanted their children to carry on in the same tradition while others preferred their children stay away from gang involvement.Interviews, discussions, and observations of 79 black gang members and 68 of their parents/guardians in Detroit during 1992-96 were used to examine the extent to which parents influence their children's decisions to join and stay in gangs, why many African-American children join gangs, and the structural and racial barriers they regularly encounter.I remember reading an article in the mid-1980s in which the author stated that "Every day in America, forty teen-age girls give birth to their third child." I don't know what happened to that article or who wrote it, but that statement has never left my thoughts.What quality of parenting or quality of life can be expected in a family in which the mother is a 15, 16, or 17 year old? to teenage mothers are at risk for long-term problems in many major areas of life, including school failure, poverty, and physical or mental illness.

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Why shouldn't the gang members continue doing their thing when the courts release them immediately and their parents protect them in their wrong-doing?