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Ms access rowsource not updating

In an application that uses linked SQL Server tables, two different database engines are at work: the Office Access/Jet database engine that runs on the Office Access client and the SQL Server database engine.The interaction of these two engines can sometimes yield results that are inferior to those obtained by using only the Jet database engine with native Office Access tables.Before you can make productive use of these diagnostic tools, you must understand how Office Access interacts with SQL Server. The question marks are placeholders for parameters.

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Instead, it submits multiple queries, often including queries that request all of the rows in a table, and then it combines or filters the data on the client.

If the criteria require local processing, even queries that should return only selected rows from a single table can require that all the rows in the table be returned.

Suppliers, and that explicitly names the three columns in the table. In the first step, Office Access picks a "bookmark" column or set of columns, which is usually the table's primary key but could be based on any unique index, and retrieves just those values for every row in the table or query. Then Office Access prepares a parameterized SQL statement to select all the columns in the table or query for 10 rows at a time.

Instead, both the file and the SQL Profiler trace show that three statements are executed. SQLExec Direct: SELECT "dbo"."Shippers"."Shipper ID" FROM "dbo"."Shippers" SQLPrepare: SELECT "Shipper ID","Company Name","Phone" FROM "dbo"."Shippers" WHERE "Shipper ID" = ? The final step is to execute this statement, which is assigned a number on the server (6 in the example), as many times as needed, passing in 10 bookmark values at a time.

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It is very important to return to the Registry Editor and turn the feature off by changing the Trace SQLMode setting back to 0 when you are done testing. All the quotation marks that you see around object names are comparable to the brackets that Office Access uses (and that also can be used in SQL Server) to handle spaces or other illegal characters in names.

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