Movienet dating sm

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Movienet dating sm

He was anxious for the insurgents to be quickly defeated so we could start the nation building that Iraq so sorely needs.He chafed at the delays and the debates in implementing aid. He understood well the backwardness of the country, the strangle hold of its religion and more challengingly, the social and political pressure of the tribal system.Having served in Vietnam, twice, having a father who spent 36 years as a soldier through two wars, and a brother who served in Vietnam twice and is now 100% disabled from his injuries there, I am encouraged by the awareness of our countrymen for the sacrifices of our children.

I think his sacrifice to his nation can best be summed up in a message I received from a friend expressing condolences for his loss: “His sacrifice was made to keep my family, my sons and my grandchildren as well as all Americans safe and free and for that we will eternally be grateful.” That’s nice. He then joined Company A, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division for deployment to Iraq in February of 2004. Captain Sims Funeral will be held in College Station, Texas at St. Mail checks to Texas A&M Foundation, 401 George Bush Dr., College Station, TX 77840.He was married to the former Heidi Duty of Eddy, Texas. Separate article follows: My son, the soldier, comes home… At last report he had left Iraq and was waiting a flight in Kuwait.He is survived by Heidi and a young son, Colin Patrick, who had a mere five weeks with his father before he deployed to Iraq. and Laura (nee Ivey) Sims of Mc Kinney, Texas and El Paso. With luck he will be in Germany today and then on to Texas. Not because he is so great a guy – although I think so, but because he represents the thousands of sons and daughters America is sending to far away places to secure our peace and our liberties at home.He is the grandson of a major leader in the history of El Paso, Ben L. By the way, he is called “remains” but I know better. Captain Sean Patrick Sims, commanding officer of A Company, 2-2 BN, 1st Infantry Division, was killed in action Nov. Sean lost his executive officer the day before and I read of the deaths of two Marine Captains who were similarly killed in Fallujah.

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He felt we are a moral nation, steadfast in our principles; this nation does not take its commitment of its sons and daughters to war lightly.

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