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: After lunch, the technical session was started with the paper presentation. Sudhakar[3] presented, “Socio-political views of Vivekananda and an overview of the work of the Ramakrishna Mission”.The “Abstract volume” and the program list were provided. He argued that the commodification of convicts’ labour through enforced work on various public works and the indoor labour within the prisons went beyond the colonial concerns of punishment, reform and disciplining of the delinquents to constitute a captive body of enforced labourers available at beck and call of the colonial state. He explained how Swami Vivekananda with his Vedantic universalism treated all equal and tried to achieve such goal thriugh the establishment of Si Ramakrishna Mission rendering services to all.The special address was about “Armagaon and Pulicat: The first fortified ports and factories of the Dutch and the English on the Coromandel Coast od India” was delivered by Subramanyam Reddy.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the monetary history of early medieval Bengal is the almost total disappearance of silver coming in from Bagan (a medieval kingdom in present Myanmar) from the 9th century by the traditional land routes into Bengal. DRS = Departmental Research Assistance and not anything else.Thus, the concept of “Coromandel” was changed to attain the present cnntation.There were querries, clarification and lively discussion about the papers presented.The advancement of the European nations and disintegration of the non-European countries was thus simultaneous and parallel process.Cultural transformation was concomitant with the intensified expansion of commerce.

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Audience during the valedictory – from LHS : The valedictory address, “Envisioning the Maritime silk Roads” was delivered by Rila Mukherjee.

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