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The delegation was led by the German chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament, David Mc Allister (European People's Party, centre-right).

-Eldar Mamedov 02/23/18 - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has once again confirmed that Iran is living up to its commitments under the 2015 multilateral nuclear agreement.

But then, as he waited with ropes and weights late one night on the shore of the Caspian Sea, he saw something in the darkness that made him change his mind.

-Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice 02/23/18 - Over the last seven years, social upheavals and civil wars have torn apart the political order that had defined the Middle East ever since World War I.

02/23/18 - In line with the EU policy of balanced engagement with Saudi Arabia and Iran, a group of senior EU lawmakers visited both Riyadh and Tehran last week, with a stopover in Kuwait.The father-of-one said: 'We were a little bit frustrated when they arrived.I chatted to them and then decided to speak my mind.'Rather than write it down I decided that maybe pictures would be better.'I've felt like Justin Bieber since it happened - everyone's been coming in and speaking about it.'His wife Alx Chibouni took over the family business when her mother Sheila Piranian, who ran the shop for 33 years, died of dementia four months ago.Also at the same category which Iranian short film competed, the 'Knife Skills by Thomas Lennon won the 'Honorable Mention.' 02/23/18 - In drafting a resolution seeking to condemn Iran for its role in Yemen's ongoing civil war, the United States--along with its UN Security Council allies Britain and France--seems to have cherry-picked information from a UN report that condemned all actors in that war for violations of international law.Rather than draft a resolution reflecting the broad range of crimes that have been committed in Yemen, the Trump administration chose to selectively pick out only those crimes that could be attributed to Iran while ignoring arguably more heinous crimes attributable to Saudi Arabia and the internationally recognized government of Yemen.

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