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Media center program guide not updating

After this date, Windows Media Center clients in these markets will be downloading new data packages.While every precaution has been taken to ensure this transition is smooth, users may see differences in their EPG experiences, including the following:• Your channel lineup may change with the new package, requiring you to go through TV setup to download the new lineup.• Some lineups may no longer be available in the new package.• Depending on your location, some channels will not have metadata in your guide.This will show you how to enable or disable the Windows Media Center (mcupdate) task from waking up the computer from sleep when it checks for Media Center updates in Windows 7 and Vista.If disabled, the mcupdate task will still check for Media Center updates if the computer is running, but will not wake the computer to do so.These service updates impact users in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.New data providers will be powering the EPG experience in these markets beginning on 7/7/2015.

To top it off, WMC users experience a complete stoppage of new guide information at least 4 times a year to the point where sometimes there are only hours left before the guide is empty (it’s even worse for international users).Nothing has changed to potentially cause this conflict to arise. Any help on fixing this would be appreciated, as I rely on MC to act as a DVR.The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for Windows Media Center is a menu-based system providing regularly updated menus displaying broadcast programming and scheduling information for current and upcoming programming.EPG123 was created to allow WMC users to disconnect from the Microsoft/Rovi nightmare and use the excellent guide information provided by Gracenote through a membership to Schedules Direct.I've searched on various forums and have had mixed results from years of this similar problem arising on XP and Vista as well.

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