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Mystery broke down a1 - c1 in his usual amazing fashion.

He compacted alot of material (he might have been on for 1 hour tops). Unfortunately David spent ALOT of time on inner game.

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One stays with him and social proofs him and the other tries to pick up girls and bring them over for him to meet. TD brought these kids on stages (from the audience) and really forced them to try to conversate. As much as alot of people hate on him I think he is a brilliant tactician and he has a strong presence.I would say close to 60% is inner game way too much something that is talking about approaching and starting a conversation. Those wing girls were not that hot (OK one was pretty hot) but they were both annoying as hell and offered almost 0 useful info.Overall if you can borrow disc 3 and 4 I would, skip the rest except for the beginning of disc 5 for the wing girls. Tyler ran what looked to me like a mini RSD, and Mystery's comments on this program are what really got me interested in this stuff.They brought out craig who had some "cute" pickup lines.Before he started he made sure to rip on TD and the David Bowie opener. That is one mad funny cat but he really didn’t say anything that he didn’t already say in the cliff's list DVD's.

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