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Masterbation chatlines

Enjoy a galore of solo masturbation longest XXX movies for free.

Lindsay Moore is an experienced phone-sex operator.

Does the idea of baring your backside for a spanking from a leather mistress predominate your masturbation fantasies?

You probably wouldn't actually seek one out for real-life experimentation – but your friendly phone-sex operator may be as close as you really want to get.

Phone fantasy provides a temporary escape from physical failings like a beer belly, weak chin, acne, or male-pattern baldness. I do think it is a sad misconception that only "losers" or men without a current physical relationship engage in phone sex.

For the next 7 glorious minutes you can be Fabio, and we can discover new and improved uses for "I Can't Believe It's Not Body Butter! It would be very wrong to assume they just don't have a better offer.

The secondary goal of a phone-sex operator is to generate repeat business.

Not far behind were requests for domination and/or cross-dressing.

A quality phone-sex operator is informed and articulate about these subjects and will not be shocked by callers who request them.

Phone-sex fantasies provide a role-play escape for the caller in many ways.

I discovered that if I postponed self-gratification until the end of the night, I was able to maintain a higher level of excitement throughout my calls.

This accurately translated as active participation and enjoyment to my clients. A high percentage of callers look for simple, hot talk in which we simulated sex acts.

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