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It will utilize 5 million gallons of a water a day that would otherwise have been piped into the ocean after being treated.

"We're trying to match the highest and best use for water with the quality of the resource," said Kehoe.

SFPUC Director of Water Resources Paula Kehoe said that already 30 projects have been developed through the program before the law passed.

Projects range from the Exploratorium, which uses water from San Francisco Bay for heating and cooling, as well as rainwater for toilet flushing, to the Moscone Center, which will treat foundation drainage that they city can use for street cleaning.

All laws except California and Utah use the Producer Responsibility approach, where the manufacturers must pay for recycling. Compares results between states, by converting to pounds per person basis. Lessons-Learned-from-State-E-waste-laws What have we learned from the 25 states that have passed e-waste laws?

After four years of drought, dwindling reservoirs and overdrafted aquifers, California's water woes are prompting dire predictions and desperate measures.Instead they must implement onsite treatment systems to make use of rainwater, greywater (which includes water from bathroom sinks, bathtubs and washing machines), blackwater (sewage), stormwater or foundation drainage (nuisance groundwater) to meet their needs for non-potable water.The ordinance also requires smaller buildings of 40,000 square feet or more to do a reuse assessment and in five years the city will need to use non-potable water for all irrigation needs and cleaning of public spaces.So far, 25 states have passed legislation mandating statewide e-waste recycling. Scope of Products in E-waste Laws This chart compares the scope of products of all e-waste laws.Several more states are working on passing new laws or improving existing laws. Generally, the scope of products is getting broader, with more recent laws including more products including printers, faxes, and other devices. This chart shows collection volumes from the states with e-waste programs.

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