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But he shook his head and said, "You will take what you have coming here, young lady.

However from time to time something will get my attention and if I think it's worthwhile I'll share it on this blog.

Contact me I'm experienced, approachable and discreet.

Some private schools even caned the boy students for serious offences but I knew no-one, male or female, who was ever spanked in the ways suggested by this and other blogs and I believe this to be a reason why more people fail to capitalise on the 'release' that a spanking can offer.

Sadly the channels for contact are limited and I wonder if this is because spankings and associated spanking ritual(s), such as they are, were never widely practised as a means of disciplining children here.

Sure - every child I knew received a smacked bottom growing up and was subject to having their hands strapped at school.

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This entire site is being re-done and will return soon as a story site.] this site was created to be a source of information on disciplinary techniques.

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