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Had I known the hurt and pain The endless tears I’d weep I may have stayed confined and lost Instead of free..And tempest tossed But still I sail the stormy seas My destiny to claim For faintly on the sweet night air I hear him call my name I just keep going forward I am so glad I am free For standing on some distant cliff He scans the seas for me. Whose words elevate And excite beyond measure Whose knowing leaves me naked?Pierce me and let us begin again Our own ecstatic dance; Let me lie in your arms And share the warmth of our bodies And the rhythm of our breaths While the moon is high in the sky In the silence of the night I shall feast on my good fortune And I shall bless God For what has been granted to me For this season.© Alison Stormwolf You will paint and I will write Or I will paint and you will write Nights together by the fire Your tender face in my hands Our eyes expressing A thousand unspoken words Of how often we yearned for this And the times we feared it was not to be Or walking in the dusk in the garden Distant calls of wild birds Scented warm breeze rustling the leaves Holding my hand in the silence And mystery of love's bonding As we gaze on our little house With the soft glow from the windows And later as the moon's silver light Reflects off the slated roof And the midnight stars are blazing We lie beneath in each other's arms Secure and content in our love Our hearts overflowing That in this maze we call life © Alison Stormwolf Will you accept me as I am? Will you ride The rollercoaster of emotions with me And understand my need to be held? And unleash the latent power in me And hold me close when it threatens To overwhelm us both? Beyond the façade of gaiety The inner longing for the merging of souls The unspoken rejection of today’s superficiality?You can also listen to a selection of Love Audio Poetry Oh, my sweet darling Let me hold you Through the dark hours For something is released in me A physical sensation An envelope of caring Twinning us here For all time I am mute With longing You consume me entirely Stamped upon the ether Our sounds, scents, aching There is no world beyond What we have engineered I kiss you And would die To never lose this feeling.© Alison Stormwolf He could not know Or maybe realise his role In the quickening of my mind The returning to life Of my body That subtle stirring That almost forgotten Blossoming and unwrapping The unfolding of sweet petals Wanting only him….Devoid of any pretence Will you accept My constant need for reassurance? Will you look deep into my eyes and see The inhabitant and not the house?And having experienced all these things And perhaps understood very little! © Alison Stormwolf Peace transcending space and time Bliss beyond description Safety and contentment Encased in your arms Heavy rain on the window We share the womb Our love has fashioned Content to sleep, content to dream And never wake © Alison Stormwolf I will nurse you back to health So sleep, and rest assured I am in the next room Alert to your call Mindful of your needs Your medicine, the antidote To a lifetime of struggle A hot water bottle for your soul My caring, your salvation My love, the “Cure All” Do not fret, be at peace Sleep the sleep of the beloved Cocooned in blissful knowledge Your existence, my reason to live To make you happy.

I hate to think of dating in terms of a job interview but in a sense that is kind of what it is regarding finding your true love.© Alison Stormwolf You speak And my tethered heart Fights against the bars of my self imposed prison You smile And my world has colour Past hurts are forgotten Wounds are healed, miraculously You write And my heart is warmed After many months in icy winter Too many nights of biting cold You live And the knowlege Gives my heart the wings To fly to pastures new. Your feet transverse the chasm Between my hurt and my heart Brave soul! Time, age or distance cannot diminish The galaxy of stars I see When I look in your eyes My words are like jewels Given on a velvet cloth Pure, bright, unblemished I am but one star in the creation A tiny drop of being But let that being drop on you Nourish, water and comfort you In life's droughts. Exposing all inconsistencies You trampled my defences And soared over my barriers With nothing more Than your integrity And `real' heart beating In time to my own Why do I feel such security Enfolded in your arms?There have been others before you Who have held me close And whispered words of love But I knew YOU would come!Now You want to find out how to find a true love to spend and share the rest of your life with because you're sick of all the games.We all need to remember none of us are perfect and we all have our faults and with this, in mind, all of us have to determine what is the most important elements to us in a relationship.

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