Little book dating rules

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Little book dating rules

She had to figure out her sister's life quickly and so she read Alison's diary.She then realized she could not maintain Ali's friendship with Naomi Zeigler and Riley Wolfe, because there were things she did not understand about them.Jessica hesitated briefly, but she then left with Ali in tow.Courtney was immensely relieved that her plan worked; she was now Alison Di Laurentis.People began to be afraid of Courtney as Ali's lies grew, eventually swapping with Courtney for her "rightful" place in the spotlight. Ali's waist was slightly thinner and her chest slightly bigger. Ali thinks of herself as the more beautiful twin and even Courtney once said that Ali always looked a little better than her.Despite their initial friendship, Courtney was tormented by her twin.

Courtney noticed this from the house and alerted Alison, who only brushed it off, revealed her lie and started teasing her sister again.

The girls were shocked but flattered that the most popular girl at Rosewood Day wanted them as her friends.

Throughout sixth grade, the five most popular girls in Rosewood had a great time together.

Alison was always jealous of her more popular sister and forced Courtney to impersonate her, at the same time torturing her to the point where her sister got into a physical fight with her, attempting to strangle her.

When doctors were called by the girls' parents, Courtney panicked and revealed that Alison was threatening her and forcing her to impersonate.

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Her mother Jessica, believing she was the real Ali, came out to tell her that she was leaving.

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