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The shareholder's oil and gas depletion deduction; c. Non- separately computed losses that pass through; and e. Reducing stock basis for non-deductible items prevents a shareholder from converting a non-deductible expense at the corporate level into a deductible expense when stock is sold or a liquidating distribution is received.

Distributions in excess of basis are treated as gains from the sale of stock.

The Timing of Basis Adjustments All basis adjustments are deemed to occur on the last day of the corporation's tax year or on the date the shareholder sells his or her stock, if earlier.

Finally, the tax effect of any distributions the shareholder received during the year is determined.

Debt Qualifying as Basis If an S corporation shareholder desires to take immediate deductions rather than wait until the S corporation is profitable, it is important to be aware of how to create S corporation basis.

Additional cash contributions or the acquisition of corpo- rate stock will increase a shareholder's stock basis.

The amount of the tax basis determines the tax treatment of such items as flow-through losses and corporate distributions.

Many S shareholders have two investments in the corporation - the investment in corporate stock and loans made to the corporation.

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Linda probably participates materially in the corporation, but her adjusted gross income exceeds $150,000, so she does not benefit from the passive activity rental real estate loss exception.

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