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Levels of dating relationships

Researchers say the findings show that unlike most other mammals, human males are biologically hardwired for parenthood."The classic idea is that men were the hunters and providers and the females evolved to raise the children," Northwestern University anthropologist and study co-author Christopher W. "I think our study shows pretty clearly that men are also wired for their role as fathers." The researchers examined data on close to 500 young Filipino men followed for almost five years.About 25% of men go for weekly testosterone shots, Goldstein says, but most opt for skin patches or gel formulations applied directly to the skin of the chest, shoulders, or abdomen.

But about a third entered into stable relationships and became first-time fathers during the follow-up."A decline in testosterone associated with the parental role is really not a bad thing," he says. Like most other human traits, the sex drive varies. "But that is not the case at all," Goldstein tells Web MD Magazine. Actually, many women have -- the ones hearing the phrase "Not tonight, dear." Goldstein says most people think that is a rare occurrence. Even doctors tend to see men as "sexual automatons," hardwired always to want sex, says pioneering sex researcher Irwin Goldstein, MD, director of sexual medicine at San Diego’s Alvarado Hospital and editor in chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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"A male may not even know which offspring is his." He adds that drops in testosterone during times when high levels are not needed for finding a mate and reproduction may benefit both males and their offspring.