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Lauryn hill dating

But that was all good to me, because having a nontraditional drummer was important to me.It didn’t matter if he couldn’t play rock or jazz as well as what he did with us: the point was, no one played the breaks in our songs better.There was love in that music, too, the love between Lauryn and me.We had become a real couple, even though I was with someone else at the time.Our second album was one of those records responsible for bringing hip-hop into the mainstream, and making it the driving force in music for the second half of the nineties into today.In 1996, there was so much great music out that for us to sell 15 million records worldwide really meant something.

A record that talked about what was going on at the time was something that everyone had to have back then because it was more than a record: it was a moment. Tupac’s "Me Against the World" was one of those records.Our drummer at the time was a cool cat named Johnny Wise, who is known for how well he plays break beats.That was his main thing; overall his drum skills were pretty unique and not exactly technically perfect.We were always about having a band and a DJ because we were so much more than just rappers: we were a group.The live instrumentation sparked our performance, because we were musicians in every way.

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When Johnny got on the set and started laying it out, L, Pras, and I lit up and we did our thing.