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Lap dances dating

The dancers who "do more" are for sure supporting a drug habit,but they're still in a stage where they have some control.

So,if you're paying for it,you can shell out hundreds for a look and a feel,or for around 40 to 60,you walk out unburdened.

Here's what Reddit thought:"In what world is it considered controlling to not be OK with physical/sexual contact with other females while in a monogamous relationship?

EVERYONE,dancers included,in their profession is doing more and making less.

It wouldn't be OK if it was a random woman doing that to him at a bar or party, and it doesn't suddenly become OK because you pay for it, IMO.

I actually wouldn't even feel OK with my BF going to a strip club in the first place, personally, so apparently you're already way more reasonable than I am." —"Well, just tell him that you're going to go to male strip club before the trip, have a guy put his dick all over your face, and rub between your legs.

' she asks.'They defer to me when their parents ask me what I do for a living at the dinner table, and they ask how my day was because they're genuinely excited to hear all the juicy details.

is currently having that disagreement with her boyfriend's friends, who think she was controlling to tell him not to get a lap dance at his brother's bachelor party. He doesn't think they're a big deal, but said OK," she wrote to Reddit.

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O.s went to a male strip club." —"Nope, you're fine.