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Washington denounced Hafez al-Assad, president of Syria from 1970 to 2000, as an Arab communist, and regards his son, Bashar, who succeeded him as president, as little different.

Bashar, the State Department complains, hasn’t allowed the Syrian economy—based on Soviet models, its researchers say—to be integrated into the US-superintended global economy.

Beginning in 2006, Washington worked with Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood to rekindle the Brother’s jihad against Assad’s secular government.

The Brothers had two meetings at the White House, and met frequently with the State Department and National Security Council.

While anarchist, Bookchin preferred to call his approach “communalism”.

S.” [3] Cemil Bayik is the top field commander of both the PKK in Turkey and of its Syrian incarnation, the YPG.

Half of the Kurd community lives in Turkey, 28 percent in Iran and 20 percent in Iraq.

A declassified 1972 US State Department report estimated that only between four and five percent of the world’s Kurds lived in Syria [2].

Now that the so-called moderates have been exposed as the very opposite, many Leftists cling to the hope that amid the Islamist opponents of Syria’s secular, Arab socialist, government, can be found votaries of the enlightenment values Damascus already embraces.

Surely somewhere there exist armed anti-government secular Leftists to rally behind; for it appears that the goal is to find a reason, any reason, no matter how tenuous, to create a nimbus of moral excellence around some group that opposes with arms the government in Damascus; some group that can be made to appear to be non-sectarian, anti-imperialist, socialist, committed to the rights of women and minorities, and pro-Palestinian; in other words, a group just like Syria’s Ba’ath Arab Socialists, except not them.

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Plus, Washington harbors grievances about Damascus’s support for Hezbollah and the Palestinian national liberation movement.

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