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Understanding this call for the right of return, the origin of the problem and potential viable solutions is thus essential to any lasting peace.

The estimated population of Palestine in 1893, under the Ottoman Empire, was 469,000 (98%) Arabs, composed of a mixture of Muslims and Christians, and 10,000 (2%) Jews.

For example, after opening the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) archives, a cable was discovered dated October 31, 1948, signed by Major General Carmel and addressed to all the division and district commanders under his command.

In that cable he stated, “Do all you can to immediately and quickly purge the conquered territories of all hostile elements in accordance with the orders issued.

More recently, Israeli historians, such as Ilan Pappé, Benny Morris, Zeev Sternhall, Avi Shlaim, Simha Flapan, and Tom Segev, have debunked the established Israeli myths of Israel’s creation.

Using Israeli archives and declassified material, they were able to discover much of the hidden history of Zionism and they reveal a factual account of the establishment of Israel.

In addition, Qumsiyeh volunteers and participates with several other local groups, including We Refuse to be Enemies (Jews, Christians, Muslims, and others in dialogue and constructive work).

The Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot interviewing Israeli foreign Minister Shimon Peres (Oct. A.: “I was wondering, would [the Palestinian] dreams about Jaffa and Haifa suddenly disappear?

In their lexicon, the expulsion became known as Al-Naqba (the Catastrophe) and is the most traumatic event in Palestinian recorded history.By 1920, the population of Arabs was 542,000 (90%) and of Jews was 61,000 (10%).Thus, in 23 years, only a small number of European Jews had chosen to come live in Palestine. Following World War I, the victorious British took Palestine over from the Ottomans and at the urging of British Zionists, proceeded to fulfill their 100-year-old program to bring Jews to create a colony for British interests.At the same time that this Jewish ⁄ Zionist population of Palestine was increasing, the indigenous Arab farming class (Fellahin) was being increasingly dispossessed by a system of land registration that had begun under the Ottomans and was now continuing under the British.These two factors led to a widespread Arab revolt in 1936, which was brutally put down by the British.

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Qumsiyeh is active in a number of human rights groups, including Amnesty International, Peace Action, Human Rights Watch, the ACLU, and others.