Kenya dating groups

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Kenya dating groups

Humans are unique among primates in having long, distinct periods of childhood and adolescence.

These stages enable us to learn, play, socialize, and absorb important experiences prior to adulthood.

Early humans carried the tools from these distant places, probably stopping and using them along the way.

During this time period, at Gesher Benot Ya’aqov in Israel, early humans gathered around campfires that they made and controlled. -Perhaps to socialize, to find comfort and warmth, to share food and information, and to find safety from predators.

Smithsonian scientists, working at Kanjera with colleagues from Kenya and the United States, have excavated stone tools and butchered animal bones.Different rock types have different chemical compositions.Stone tools excavated from Kanjera chemically match rocks found at natural sources up to 12 km (7 mi) away.By this time, early humans had evolved much larger brains.Infants were born with small brains, enabling the head to pass through the birth canal.

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During childhood, human children depend on adults for food and care.