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While there is no cure that ‘fits all’ it is possible to manage symptoms with lifestyle changes and in some cases, medication.The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that anyone reporting any of the symptoms below for at least six months should be assessed for IBS.This suggests that almost half of IBS sufferers can prevent, or at least greatly reduce, the number andseverity of attacks through diet.● Eat at regular times to help your digestive system establish a routine.● Eat little, and often.Eating too much in one go can cause bloating and diarrhoea.● Eat slowly.

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There may be spells where the symptoms disappear, only to return at a later date.

Dietary, psychological, genetic and hormonal factors all play a part, as may illness, taking antibiotics and other drugs, and even having too little sleep.

Less common symptoms include nausea, heartburn, burping and reduced appetite, feeling full quickly when eating, backache and joint pain, and shortage of breath.

Ifyou experience any of these symptoms, remember that they could also signal other conditions, including coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis and bowel cancer, so it is essential that you see a medical professional.

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When the gastroenterology department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge conducted an audit of 500 patients with IBS in 2007, 75 per cent were deemed suitable for treatment through diet.

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