Kang dong won dating

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Kang dong won dating

[ 168, -122] People keep saying Kang Dongwon could do better when they don't even know how charming Jung Yoomi is~ 4. [ 15, -0] They're born on '81 and '83 on January 18. That happens a lot, where one person moves to the same agency as bf/gf and/or if same agency and break up, one person leaves. Thinking about the process she went through makes me cringe ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 15. Also read a blind item before the article saying that a top couple broke up and the guy was going to move agencies. Not a flower boy from sweet dramas, but a serious decent man from the big screen. Kang Dong Won, I like you so much when I watched you act in Temptation of Wolves, Secret Reunion and 1% of something. Your cute and boyish look and of course very handsome. He didn't need to be compared to others because where he is now is the result of his own effort, talents and style. Gang Dong Won is a well respected and famous actor.

[ 80, -77] If this is true, then Kang Dongwon could've done way better 5. [ 62, -9] Hul, but isn't Kang Dongwon dating Song Hyekyo? [ 52, -41] If it's Yoomi unni, I can give him up... [ 43, -1] She was talking about a dog named Takgoo. A friend that works with him there has a dog named Takgoo. Takgoo is not Yoo Ah In's dog, it's the dog of his friend that works with him! [ 41, -1] Honestly speaking, Jung Yoomi is better than Song Hyekyo 10. [ 23, -4] Aw, why ㅜㅜ But it's not like he's never going to get married.... So I'm not surprised of the rumors of KDW-JYM, they run in the same circles.

Like movie M [2007], Violent Prosecutor, Vanishing Time, & etc.... I hope nextime you will play Action Movie with GONG HYO JIN (QUEEN GONGVELY) please. watched the teaser of his movie and damn he made me want to see his works now. I really really wishes someday i can see yr drama again. Kang Dong Won est un super,magnifique acteur que ce soit dans Woochi ou Secret Réunion et il a une voix!!!!!! Sa me laisse rêveuse..) Le doublage français de son personnage dans Woochi est vraiment décevant(sa n’a rien à voir),je préfére regarder ce film en vost,fermer les yeux et écouter Kang Dong Won parler tout simplement…..

I have watched your movies and you are now my favorite Korean Actor. i've been yr fan since 1% of anything......u always do yr acting the best,i really really love yr movies especially Maundy Thursday, The Secret Reunion, Hunters but i don't finished The Brilliant Life. Just loved the depth of his acting as well as his style!

I was wondering why Jung Yoomi's name popped up when you search for Kang Dongwon so I found out that she posted on IG of things she liked...

Kang as in Kangaji (dog emoticon) Dong as in Dongeurami (circle emoticon) Won as in Wonsoongie (monkey emoticon) This is what people are interpreting it as. But what's weird is that there were rumors about Kang Dongwon with Song Hyekyo, Song Hyekyo with Yoo Ah In, Yoo Ah In with Jung Yoomi, and Jung Yoomi with Kang Dongwon....

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Kang Dong Won, I love you so so so much when I watched you in 1% OF SOMETHING. They are both good, talented and versatile actor/actress.