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HARTFORD – A Waterbury sex offender who made international headlines when he posed as a member of a boy band to coerce underage girls to sexually pose for him online was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison on Tuesday.

While impersonating stars Justin Bieber and Harry Styles, 50-year-old John Eastman convinced at least five girls between the ages of 12 and 16 to pose and at least one performed a sex act while he recorded them.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, a stagehand sent Decker, Cimino and Roots member Mark Kelley -- who's black -- a text during a taping of the 'Tonight Show' last year, which they say they never asked for or responded to.

They say they tried explaining this to NBC execs in an attempt to distance themselves from the vile text, which they feared would be associated with them.

His attorney also claimed that Eastman was in a foster home as a child and was sexually abused.

Authorities also claim that Eastman has 31 criminal convictions within a 27-year span, including illegal sexual contact with a minor.

City police traced the webcam, which was allegedly used to Skype with the girls, and a computer to Eastman’s Congress Avenue home.

currently has a fully open lifecaster network, with profile pages and all, but is expanding more slowly.The images “did not include some of the most graphic or violent images that have been produced in other cases.Further, there is no claim that Eastman distributed any of the images that he obtained,” Bloss argued.Each Monday for the following weeks, will be opening their network to a new live video casters, serving as examples for the different ways fans will be able to use live video.Some may be like Justin Kan, with a now more affordable mobile hat came based on off the shelf hardware.

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