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Itemupdating update

Thanks, Terry Why don't you capture the Sql Data Source's Updating and Updated events and see what's happening prior to the actual SQL Update? I was changing the sqldatasource from one that includes all rows in the table to one that only includes a specific row, the one I want to edit.

Sounds like a strange problem given that you're not getting any errors. I found that when I used a separate Details View that's permanently attached to the single-row data source everything works fine.

Documents are only added or updated in this library from the Content Organizer via a custom Event Receiver/OOTB Approval Workflow combo on multiple Document Center Workspaces--which exist in their own Site Collections.

Also there were several content types in the destination document library and there was an expiration policy for each content type which will automatically update a date time column “Expiration date”.For examples, see the Quick Start Tutorial and look under Data Controls section.I think this post’s title is little confusing, anyway here is another scenario to play with a List Event Handler.The issue was whenever he register the event handler it was not updating that column through the content type policy and we figured out that once we remove the this. Enable Event Firing everything worked as expected, but then the major problem was from the Item Updated event he was updating the list item which results an infinite loop and wanted a work-around for that issue.To resolve that infinite issue, we have created a static Boolean variable and updated its value whenever there is an Item Updated event and whenever there is a second Item Updated event fire due to the loop then we set the value to false and exits from the event.

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Regardless of what I tried, I really couldn't track down exactly why it was getting fired twice.