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Italian dating rituals

The casket would either be in a horse drawn carriage or hearse.

Today the funeral procession to the gravesite is similar to modern customs in which mourners follow the hearse in vehicles.

Today, in the United States for example, an obituary in the newspaper or a small pamphlet will be handed out at the funeral in place of posters.

Neighbors and friends begin to bring food over to the deceased's family as soon as they hear the news.

Instead, graves are stacked and placed in concrete mausoleums.Many Italians will not speak about the dead following the period of mourning out of fear of bringing them back to the earth.They also bury the deceased with their favorite material possessions in hopes this will encourage them not to return to earth.For the most part, Italian funeral traditions are consistent with the Catholicism as it is the major religion of Italy.Italian funerals are traditionally open for everyone in the village or town to attend. These posters were hung throughout the town to alert people of the deceased's passing and details of when the funeral will be.

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Pall bearers are a common practice in Italian funerals.