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Ipad sex cams georgia

When Governor Rick Scott signed the Safe Harbor Act in January, it declared children caught up in the sex trade would get the therapy they need in safe houses.

The state would help fund them by increasing the fines for convicted johns.

6 years later, she counsels some of the Bay Area girls like the ones Special Agent Greg Christopher helps rescue."I went to go call my brother and she knocked the phone out of my hand and punched me in the face," says Crystal, now 22-years old.She says she was beaten repeatedly and was frightened.They also provide home schooling and 24 hour security."Part of our mission is to salvage their childhoods," says Nascimento.

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The 20-25 girls Christopher rescues a year he says are just a fraction of how many kids like Crystal are out there hiding in the Bay Area's dark underworld that people don't want to know exists.