Intimidating women names

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Intimidating women names

Diamond earned his second nickname, “Clay Pigeon,” because he was shot so many times.

Between 19, Diamond was shot on three separate occasions.

When the government outlawed the sale of alcohol, Diamond opened up a string of speakeasies, including the infamous Hotsy Totsy Club.

To supply his bars with booze, Diamond and his crew held up liquor trucks, and he was known for making quick getaways, earning him the nickname “Legs.” Maybe—there’s also the possibility that his moniker came from his mad dancing skills.

When authorities arrived, they found Galante dead with a Zippo lighter in his hand and a cigar clenched between his teeth.

Jack Diamond was one of the original Prohibition-era gangsters.

Guzik went to prison with Capone on charges of income tax evasion in 1930.

Years later, he tried to distance himself from the mob and tried to present himself as a respectable businessman, but he could never escape the shadow of his Greasy Thumb persona.

Naturally, with their members dying and their profits shrinking, the other families felt Galante was out of control.During the 1920s, Jake Guzik was the number two man in the Chicago mob, second only to Al Capone.Guzik served as Capone’s chief accountant and treasurer, and as such he was a very confident man.They summoned a meeting straight out of and decided it was time for Galante to sleep with the fishes.On July 12, 1979, the Cigar visited his favorite restaurant, Joe and Mary’s.

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I'm better at recognizing what I don't like, for instance - I don't like Bombshell Boot Camp or Code Pink.

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