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In Boston, they establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony and strive to create a model Christian commonwealth.

While they come to the Nhuew World seeking freedom to worship as they choose, the Puritans do not tolerate dissent.

Over time Penn's colony attracts Quakers and Anglicans from England; Lutherans, Reformed, Mennonites, Amish and Dunkers from Germany; and Presbyterians from Scotland.

As the Baptist faith gains popularity, Virginia authorities begin to crack down.Following his arrest for preaching without a license, Baptist Jeremiah Moore preaches to crowds through the bars of his jail cell.In October, he delivers a petition to the Virginia State Assembly -- signed by 10,000 dissidents -- demanding that Baptists be able to freely worship without fear of prosecution.The English Act of Toleration extends freedom of worship to dissenting religious groups, though with limitations and restrictions.Toleration gives civil authorities the power to decide whether to allow specific groups freedom to worship.

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Williams' colony of Providence guarantees freedom of conscience and becomes a haven for religious dissidents.

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