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Information on dating scams

This little trick makes it look like real people are interested in you.How could we possibly be getting emails when the people emailing us don't know what we look like and they don't know anything about us and our profile page is completely empty.We went undercover disguised as a member of Shag uk to do an in-depth investigation of how the site operates.

A certain portion of people will fall for the scam and end up upgrading because they want to email the fake girls emailing them.It's very cold and calculated method to make money.And at the end of the day it's all about money.(Screen shot of our blank profile page.) The amount of emails we've received is probably one of the most ridiculous things that we've seen in a long, long time.108 email from all different women on the site (see evidence below). Why are we receiving emails with that level of interest in our profile?

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To build pretend profiles the site's staff steal photos of attractive looking women from other websites and then they use those stolen photos to create a fake persona.