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Rail transport is dislocated owing to the efforts of the multiplicity of collegiums and revolutionary committees.

I have been obliged to appoint special commisars; they are already establishing order despite the protests of the collegiums.

On the Sovnarkom’s initiative, Stalin was put in charge of the capture of Certkovo (Meijer J. Editor & Annotator, “The Trotsky Papers 1917-1922”; Hague 1964; p. Given the evidence of serious deficiencies of the Eastern command under Trotsky, the Southern Front was created by the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic with its’ own revolutionary military council: “which included one military specialist, the former general Pavel Sytin, and three commissars J. The republic was cut off from the granaries of the Ukraine and Siberia.83); and on the 18 th August that Lenin was: “astonished and alarmed at the slowing down of the operation against Kazan’.What is particularly bad is the report of our having the fullest possible opportunity of destroying the enemy with your artillery”; Message Lenin to Trotsky; in Meijer Ibid; p. Repetitively, the charge was brought against Trotsky by numerous commissars and Red Commanders, that he favoured in a blind manner the old Tsarist ex-generals.A revolt in Yaroslavl headed by the Whiteguard Savinkov and organized by Lockhart, chief of the British Mission in Moscow, was suppressed, and Lockhart himself arrested.The Socialist-Revolutionaries, who had assassinated Comrades Uritsky and Volodarsky and had made a villainous attempt on the life of Lenin, were subjected to a Red terror in retaliation for their White terror against the Bolsheviks, and were completely routed in every important city in Central Russia.” “Short History CPSU(B)”; Ibid; p.227-8; 228-229.

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Murav’ev had already been arrested once for abusing his authority; Trotsky had arranged not only his release but his promotion to command of the Eastern Front. Iokaim Vatsetis the hero of the Latvian infantry division that had just put down the Left SR uprising in Moscow [of July 6-7 1918 –ed], rushed off to Simbirsk to replace Murav’ev and reorganize the Eastern Front. Vatsetis accused the Supreme Military Council – namely, Trotsky and Chief of Staff Mikhail Bonch-Bruevich – of reducing Soviet Russia to a state of “utter defenselessness”. Trotsky accused the commissars of eroding a military discipline.

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