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In dian sex kams pic

But Mr Gohil said while he did not blame Indian people for their lack of understanding, he saw it as his duty to inform them."It's my duty, the duty of an activist like me, to educate these people about what is the facts," he said."And it's only then that they will start accepting us and understanding our issues."Mr Gohil's palace community centre aims to provide clinical services as well as financial support and skills training for LGBT youth to become financially independent from their families.

It is also hoped the community centre will offer free safe-sex seminars to young gay and lesbian Indians around the country.

Above all, the centre is part of a campaign to fight for what Mr Gohil said were rights enshrined in the Indian constitution.

As for the anti-LGBT law itself, Mr Gohil was adamant it would change, even if for the reason the law was not entirely Indian to begin with."This law was not an Indian law.

One has to understand that homosexuality has been existing in our Indian society since bygone eras," he said.

Instead, he said, institutional anti-LGBT attitudes were the relic of British colonial rule and the influence of other religions like Islam and Christianity."We have got independence 70 years ago, when we have got rid of the British.

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I don't understand the reason why the laws made by them are continued," he said."And especially in our country, where our religion is predominantly Hinduism, is openly tolerant towards homosexuality."More than a decade after coming out, Mr Gohil said he had mended his relationship with his father, the king, who had originally publicly disowned him.

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