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From collections that include the hottest trends and throwback sneakers to fairy wings and couture gowns, the marketplace allows our users to personalize, customize, stylize, and animate their 3D avatars and environments to their hearts' content.As the leader in animated emoji technology, IMVU users enjoy infinite expression in conversation with friends via 3D Stickers, a new way to animate their avatars to express deeper levels of emotion.It's here that the fun is infinite and reality is limitless.The IMVU Virtual Shop is the largest of its kind, with an inventory of more than 20 million user-generated, VR-ready goods and growing everyday.

Become a better artist and learn how to start a small business. After you join the perk-filled VIP club, you can invest your Credits into a business that will earn you not only credits but even cash over time!

Par mome, le comment on peut changer la taille de notre imvu ?

l.centerblog.n et Par Pandasel, le j'aimerais savoir comment on fait pour créer un salon.n'en ai pas la réponse ..

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n'hésitez pas à passer sur mon blog ♥ xoxo loulou Par loulouboutin, le comment changer de taille c posible nn ??

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