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Immediate subscriber updating

I have set up the Primary server as the publisher and the Secondary as the subscriber.

I have tried to use the Snapshot and the Transaction Replication method with the Immediate Update subscription option.

When we update the row in subscriber it compares the value of msrepl_tran_version in Publisher and subscriber. If msrepl_tran_version in Publisher and subscriber doesn’t match Update is not possible for that row in subscriber.

If the publisher is unable to receive the data, the transaction made by the subscriber will not be committed on the subscriber's database.

Changes on publisher get replicated to the subscriber, without any errors.

But when try to UPDATE/INSERT data at the subscriber, the following error and not able to modify data at the subscriber: Server: Msg 18456, Level 14, State 1, Line 3 Login failed for user 'sa'. A: Immediate Updating subscribers connect the publisher using dynamic RPC, and this is the default.

Enables the subscription for immediate updating, with queued updating as a failover.

Data modifications can be made at the Subscriber and propagated to the Publisher immediately.

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If the Publisher and Subscriber are not connected, the updating mode can be changed so that data modifications made at the Subscriber are stored in a queue until the Subscriber and Publisher are reconnected. Enables the subscription as a queued updating subscription with the ability to change to immediate updating mode.

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