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I’m a partial doll – I’m full scale, but I don’t have any legs.This makes me so much lighter than my love doll sisters, and freakier in the sack.She has a rugged internal skeleton that supports her, and allows her to pose and assume every erotic position you can imagine.Skye has three tempting sexual organs to please you: you can try her vagina, anus, and mouth.I’ve been lying here for hours doing nothing but feeling myself up and now I’m ready to burst!

My body feels so soft and realistic that you’ll become addicted to groping me.She has a fully articulate metal skeleton inside, with movable spine, neck and arms.Let Helena out of the box – why not invite her into your bed? You ever have one of those lazy days – one of those supremely lazy days, where you don’t want to move at all, and you just want to lounge around in bed all day, doing absolutely nothing?She makes them walk into sign posts, crash their cars into each other, fall into open manholes – it’s just awful!Better get her off the streets and into your bedroom, where you can take those dangerous pants off!

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Aurora is an incredibly sculpted superwoman, with tight abs and mind-bending curves.

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