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The gay community has a lot of sexual energy, but we also have a lot more to us than just that. Lopez: What purposes does Hornet serve other than hooking up, and why?Howell: We, the staff at Hornet, are made up of bleeding-heart homos whose backgrounds are [as] VCs, technologists and activists. You can see it in the app store reviews and the 200 feedback emails that come in each day.Find great dates and make new friends with this FREE gay app!If you’ve ever used Hornet in the past, you’ll know that it follows the traditional grid format of other dating apps – a horizontal maze of faces for you to browse and strike up conversations with who you please. While they’ve promised to keep the grid feature – you can’t blame people for being comfortable with what they know – they’re also offering up Discover and the Activity Feed.Even when I was bored, I thought that Grindr simply lacked the kind of fun and sophistication that piqued my interest.Moreover, I had long given up on dating sites such as Adam4Adam, Manhunt and even Gay.com; they'd started to have the feel of a bathhouse or a seedy bar.They do not know the real purpose of the application is available literally for? It used to have push notifications which were nice, but the past 6 months its really selective about when it notifies the user.

Having multiple pictures means people aren't just posting their headless torso and putting their best assets forward, so in addition to the usual activity, we have something that helps people looking for a lot more than just sex, especially with travelers or people who are just moving to a city.Call me old-fashioned, but I wanted to meet people face-to-face.I found it creepy that the application pinpointed my exact location and told perfect strangers how close I was to them, and there was something seedy about texting headless torsos on my little phone's screen.I decided that there simply was not a market in online dating for those who wanted to meet decent people to chat with.Was I the last gay man on Earth who did not want to hook up? Sure, I have a sexual appetite, but I do draw a line sometime.

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