Holly hunter dating ralph fiennes

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Miss Richardson appeared in more than 30 films but was best known for her stage work.

Gerard Butler is in training for his role in Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut 'Coriolanus'.

The tribute to the British actress, who made her home in New York with her film star husband was a fitting reflection of the affection and the respect both she - and the theatrical dynasty she was a part of - was held in.

We're sure her two nude scenes had nothing to do with the win....

Hanna Schmitz (Winslet) begins a romance with the much younger Michael (David Kross) before being put on trial for war crimes she allegedly committed during World War II.

He also attended a dimming of the lights in Broadway in tribute to the stage and screen actress.

In preparation for today's funeral, Richardson's coffin was driven to the couple's Hudson Valley farmhouse early yesterday, emblazoned with an Irish claddagh symbol, signifying love, friendship and loyalty.

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While the idea of a woman in her thirties seducing a teen half her age comes with a major ick factor, Winslet's nude scenes, which include her undressing and bathing, are surprisingly tender. In such times of sorrow, these kinds of passions are sought elsewhere — specifically, in the bed of Jo Beth Williams’ Phyllis Bernard, who disrobed to contribute to the roller coaster of emotions that we experienced when the film was named Best Picture in 1979.

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