Handicap dating sim

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Handicap dating sim

For larger construction projects, you will have to build them over time, 2 sections a day.Ignore this restriction on the first day the family is in existence to get the house established.Restrictions: The family must own a wardrobe for each family member living in the house, regardless of age.

Sims may not take the normal carpool to work and teenage sims may not take the bus to school or work.

Read up on everything to expect in our change log: A lot has happened in Metin2 over the past few years, and as a result a number of changes dim to be made to accommodate ak to the data structure.

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Remember that Legacy sims may not buy items from player-stores priced lower than “Cheap”Because sims in college live in a college town, this restriction is lifted temporarily for legacy sims currently living as students in college dorms, houses or greek houses.“Well Dressed Sims”Points: 1Your sim family has a flair for fasion and a strong sense of personal design and appearance.

Everybody in the family must look their best, and insists on their own personal set of clothing.

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