Gta 4 dating guide ps3 whos dating who kristen stewart

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Gta 4 dating guide ps3

As it turns out they bent the truth a little; rather than being real exclusives it turns out that the PC and Playstation 3 will get the additional game expansion packs – but just later on.

Those of you who decided to hold off buying an Xbox 360 just to play Episodes From Liberty can finally prepare to see how the story was meant to finish by pre-ordering the GTA IV expansion pack ready for the release date of 30th March 2010.

PS3 and PC owners could rejoice as these previously exclusive expansions came out for their formats in April 2010.

Gameplayer are reporting that a local Australian games retailer has dates, and prices, up for GTA IV.

I would be surprised if shops actually carried the price difference, but not so if the RRP is different. i think COD4 was more than the 360 version at EB.

But as someone else said if your that tight you wont pay an extra 10 bucks for an awesome game then you should take a good long hard look at yourself...

If you don't live in Australia, I don't think you'll need to worry about price differences @Kigmal.

Determined to help out his cousin, and hoping to investigate a lead regarding the traitor, Niko is forced to delve back into his past life of violence to survive.The release date as given is “1st quarter 08” no confirmed date has been issued yet. Was fun the first 3 times around, but got less fun and more monotonous every time. If it's like the past iterations, then it'll be a pass. the episodic content MS got is going to be 10 dollars because it couldnt all fit on 360 and we pay the ten dollars up front because its already on the ps3 disc lol either that or i may just not buy the game for my ps3 if ps3 get shafted that badly lol or it is just this certain retailer/maybe they will get the ps3 version early which justifies initial high price or untrue idk You going to go and buy a 360 if they don't have a good reason or will you just not buy their game.Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. If I decide to take the demo copy I'll do that, just to play it but that's it. If it's completely new and totally different, then we'll see. Maybe their reason could be because it took more people to develop and or longer to develop.The cost of manufacturing has dropped substantially since BDs inception.This is information for the Asia-Pac region which is always different than the US.

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The game certainly takes advantage of the new hardware to the fullest - character models are much more realistically detailed and animated, as is just about everything else.

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