Group m consolidating print buying operations dating friends intimacy

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Group m consolidating print buying operations

Group M states that this "is exceedingly bad news for the balance of the digital publisher ecosystem".

DIGITAL PUBLISHER CRISIS Digital publishers have recently been rocked by a slew of bad news as it was revealed Buzz Feed is cutting jobs after missing revenue forecasts, and Mashable is being sold to Ziff Davis for only one fifth of its March 2016 valuation.

Six countries are expected to drive 68% of incremental investment in 2018."This is not counted in a now antiquated concept of working media investment."We also know that in periods of low inflation, marketing money gets reallocated to promotion; this is a cyclical challenge, not a structural one." BEYOND DIGITAL Globally, investment in television will grow 0.4% in 2017 and 2.2% in 2018, which will include investment for content on traditional TVs.As digital continues its growth, programmatic buying is expected to grow with it, but will not increase as quickly as expected due to concerns over supply chain integrity and brand safety.See also: Drugmakers begin to up media controls, in bid to clean up digital ad supply "For every dollar that migrates from legacy to digital media, Group M estimates 25 cents goes to technology and data," said Group M futures director Adam Smith.

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Group M believes the UK economy is remaining stable but short-term focused with Brexit looming.