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Before we can look at applying fine grain authorization rules, however, we first need to create a page whose functionality depends on the role of the user visiting it. Edit Index = -1 Bind User Grid() End Sub Note The Delete button does not require any sort of confirmation from the user before deleting the user account.Let's create a page that lists all of the user accounts in the system in a Grid View. I encourage you to add some form of user confirmation to lessen the chance of an account being accidentally deleted.So this cap is meant to reduce the likelihood of exceeding this size limitation.If you have extremely long role names, you may want to consider specifying a smaller , respectively.

However, in certain cases we may want to allow all users to visit a page, but limit the page's functionality based on the visiting user's roles.The good news is that the tools at our disposal for applying authorization rules work equally well with roles as they do for user accounts.URL authorization rules can specify roles instead of users.This tutorial starts with a look at how the Roles framework associates a user's roles with his security context.It then examines how to apply role-based URL authorization rules. NET to allow only authenticated users to visit a page.

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In the next section we will see how to implement declarative fine grain authorization via the Login View control.

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