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In November 2016, the Ukrainian Parliament refused to back the Istanbul Convention, a European hate crime law, because its references to sexual orientation and gender violated what many Ukrainian lawmakers said were basic Christian values.Previously, all applicants needed permission from a special commission of the Ministry of Healthcare and needed to spend 30 days in a psychiatric hospital (usually placed in the same wards with patients who are mentally ill) and needed to be diagnosed with "transsexuality".Bias motivated crimes or hate crimes against people who are LGBT are frequently reported on in the international press, and while such violence is not legal in Ukraine, there is a perception by people living in Ukraine and globally that such violence is frequently tolerated by the Government.The prevailing intolerance and threats of violence, pressure many LGBT people to remain in the closet, especially if they are public figures who feel that their career as a politician or a celebrity would end if people knew that they are part of the LGBT community.For over a year they didn't let him go out of the house to work or study, they just kept him inside for fear of shame.And that's a familiar story in Ukraine." Gay and bisexual sexual orientations and transgender identity remain taboo subjects in Ukraine.

Transgenderism was generally associated with homosexuality and thus prohibited.The largest of these groups in Ukraine is Love Against Homosexuality, which has the public support of celebrities and members of Parliament who believe that LGBT people are "sexual perverts" who need to be cured.In 1999, the former President of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, stated that there are more important issues than LGBT rights to discuss in Parliament and that homosexuality is caused by a mental illness or the corrupting influence of foreign films.Additionally, the adopter must be at least 15 years older than the adopted child, or 18 years older if adopting an adult.The law also mentions that persons "whose interests conflict with the interests of the child" may not be adopters, but whether this provision has ever been applied against gay adopters is unknown.

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