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Asked whether she ever considered working in either family venture, she replies with a quick and confident “no.” Based on the opportunities she was afforded by her grandparents, she always believed her karmic path to be in public service.“At a very early age,” she recalls, “I recognized that link between government and making a way to improve peoples lives.” Cafaro references a “heavy cloud” hovering over the Rust Belt when steel mills began closing their doors leaving the region’s economy in disrepair.After earning a bachelor’s degree at Stanford University, Cafaro took graduate courses at Georgetown University to focus on national security.Noisy and upbeat, this EP titled “Come Along to The Chocolate Church” was released in May and I’m really enjoying it.

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The former Ohio representative was a natural fit for television, speaking on the swing state’s identity crisis.“I come from ground zero for Democrats who voted for Trump” she says,“People who had my signs in their yard four years ago, had Trump signs in their yards this time around.” She still frequents Fox News segments and contributes to the Washington Examiner’s “Inside the Beltway” blog.

Additionally Cafaro has secured the position of Executive in Residence at American University’s School of Public Affairs, where she is tasked with creating strategic partnerships with think tanks and other like-minded institutions.

One of them were the jingle jangly The Brickfields.

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