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As of Thursday, 75 percent of the jail's more than 8,700 inmates were awaiting trial, according to the sheriff's office.The high numbers remained even after restrictions on bonds were formally rescinded in Harris County in 2016 for misdemeanors and in 2017 for felonies after the indigent defendants filed the lawsuit. Rosenthal but sent back for reconsideration some procedural matters, including whether bail should be decided within 24 hours.

RELATED: Rosenthal rules federal courts in Houston region with firm hand Whitmire claimed the hearing officers had been unprofessional and violated their legal duties.

RULING: Harris County bail system unconstitutional, federal judge rules Among those listed in the documents with no-bond policies are former judges Ryan Patrick, now the U. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas; former Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson, now deceased, and his wife, Devon, who succeeded him in office after his death; and state Sen. State District Judge Michael Mc Spadden, a long-serving jurist in Harris County, said he also had a no-bond policy for magistrates for at least a dozen years because he didn't trust the lower-level jurists not to make errors.

"Almost everybody we see here has been tainted in some way before we see them," he said.

Instructed magistrates to deny personal bonds in 20.

No chart exists for 2008., Republican, 183rd Criminal Court, 1999-2005 and a state senator since 2008. No charts exist for 2013 or 2015., Democrat, 337th Criminal Court, 2009-2012 and began a new term in 2017.

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RELATED: Harris County magistrates sanctioned for not considering personal bonds County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, a former state senator who authored the law requiring prompt hearings and appointed lawyers for indigent defendants, said the newfound evidence illuminates a problem that has festered for years.