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The site features both lossless and lossy music, plus select other categories, including applications, e Books, audio books, comics and music-related e Learning videos. In the first week, over 65,000 Perfect FLACs were uploaded and 160,000 torrents overall by under 5,000 users.PTH hopes to eventually be considered a spiritual successor to What. We are officially now inviting selected GGn users to PTH. Please send a PM with your email address to myself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm suspicious of this what if it's a ruse We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic.Further more PTH is trying to limit users from joining by limiting invites! thanksi just got the news of wcd shutting down and the other new music trackers going onlinei find it funny thought that they decided on recruiting on the elite forums on BTN when they said theyre only inviting "high rank" users.elite its easy as fuck to get to. APOLLO: growing at the snail speed PTH:96% of what members not welcome, go find invite in the deepest hole! not denying AB is close to cabal tier though, especially now they've shut down recruitment everywhere Hey folks. We've been hard at work getting the site in a better state to expand the user base.ive only uploaded 6 half-assed torrents and im already guruyoure theally too stupid as people here already explained you 100 times it's NOT ABOUT QUNTIY IT SABOUT QUALITY you sont need every wcd user you eneed the best top and those are 90% pth, pls educat eyourself how trackers work WHAYARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT LOOK TH E STATS YOU RETRAD WITH 5 TIMES LESS USERS PTH HAS 2 TIMES MORE TORRENTS HOW IS THT WAFFLES YOU MORON IT IS PTH IS WCD AND XANA IS WAFFLES YOU BRAINLESS CURRY JUST SHUT UPMaximum users: 40,000Enabled users: 21,759 Details Users active today: 9,925 (45.61%)Users active this week: 19,997 (91.90%)Users active this month: 19,997 (91.90%)Torrents: 101,476Releases: 67,449Artists: 50,943"Perfect" FLACs: 16,225Requests: 1 (100.00% filled)Snatches: 143,831Peers: 307,578Seeders: 257,495Leechers: 50,083Seeder/leecher ratio: 5.14Maximum users: 5,000Enabled users: 4,670 Details Users active today: 3,820 (81.80%)Users active this week: 4,340 (92.93%)Users active this month: 4,340 (92.93%)Torrents: 162,347Releases: 116,793Artists: 95,899"Perfect" FLACs: 65,402Requests: 578 (49.13% filled)Peers: 666,199Seeders: 657,132Leechers: 9,067Seeder/leecher ratio: 72.47And also FUCK APOLLO! We're working on a unique solution to solve the manpower equation with the high demand for invitations.Please note: The event information above has been added by the organiser.Whilst we try to ensure all details are up-to-date we do not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information shown.They will settle you in by briefly explaining the format of the evening and confirm how many people you will be dating at the Speed Dating in Cardiff.

PTH has recruitment at hard to join trackers(most if not all have nothing to do with music) but NOT only that but at very high user status. Legends on AB are respected across the tracker community. Post whichever tracker you want to be on and a representative from that tracker will give you an account (only had trouble one time where a rep wasn't on AB cause it was a random Korean tracker)yes, going to and transcoding 150 flacs makes one very well respected in the tracker community!there is no way PTH could handle letting PUs in for the foreseeable future as the tracker came close to shitting the bed during FL with only 3,500 members.there is no desire to rush into becoming the new WCD.the recruitment threads should specify specific stats (at least X uploaded torrents and Y seed time/size)or they should just redo the entire is our tracker filthy curry rat your not invited to, as we don't do OPEN SIGNUPS like you filth we recruit only elite tm btn ptp users which are 90% seedboxes from wcd, we're origina wcd not yu filthy curry I never said it was wrong, just that I love itof course I'm on PTHC myself, /internet royalty/ like myself wouldn't want to mingle with all the riff-raff on apooloo Inshallah Brother, let's purge all dirty curry ape niggers from this earth and make trackers great again!PTH (Pass The Headphones) is a music tracker running on Gazelle.

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This is our classic Speed Dating event, where you will have up to 20 dates each lasting 4-5 minutes.

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