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Additionally, therapists tend to take a more behavioral approach to problems than do counselors.Because of this, counselors tend to be a bit less intimidating for people who are apprehensive about getting help in the first place, seeing as they can feel a bit more relatable - like simply talking with a new friend.Free counseling through places of worship Source: Free counseling through a place of worship is straight forward, no matter what religion you are.If you have a place of worship you are already a regular member at, seeking counseling from the clergy may be as simple as setting an appointment to talk with whomever leads the congregation and services.Therefore, it is most often used by those people in need of immediate help.Because of this, if you feel yourself getting close to the edge, it could be a good idea to take some preventative action and research some hotlines for yourself, that way you have them handy if necessary.After all, very few of us have an extra 0 a week to drop for just an hour of help.Luckily, there are affordable and even free sources of counseling out there.

This is because talking with a counselor can help you to come to realizations you may not have been able to on your own, as well as give you the tools you need to get through and keep moving forward.

Source: This type of counseling involves calling a pre-determined number for an unscheduled and free counseling chat over the phone at any time of day or night.

Numbers vary depending on where you live as well as what specific type of service you are looking for, but can often be found via a quick Google search.

Simply type in the words "counseling", "hotline" and/or "help" in addition to the type of help you are seeking and hit the search button.

Furthermore, many schools, universities and recreation centers have numbers for these lines posted on bulletin boards.

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Even still, while some of these groups are widely and well known (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Sex Love Addicts Anonymous, Grief Share, etc) and are easy to find via a simple internet search for the next location and time, there are many additional support groups, likely all within your own town that are more discrete and can be a bit more difficult to find.