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Free discreet chat no email

Her photograph reveals that the hour has stretched to 90 minutes.

In addition to offering a free app that can work across all your devices, Wickr Me has a paid product called Wickr for Business.

When Secret Chats is enabled, all your chats will self-destruct automatically (across all devices involved), none of your files shared will be stored anywhere, and end-to-end encryption will be turned on. Wickr has been around since 2012, making it one of the first secure chat services around.

Wickr is still a popular choice for encrypted messaging today because its free service is reliable, easy to use and well encrypted.

For quick and easy communication, instant messaging is more convenient than email, and more secure than SMS text messaging – at least if you have the right app.

A secure messaging application will let you safely exchange private information with employees, clients and co-workers, without worrying that your data could be compromised. Usually, it means that your messages are encrypted before they even leave your device.

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Encrypted messages can't be read by anyone other than the intended recipient, even if they're intercepted during the exchange.