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In fact, I've heard far more men than women say they were liberated by the Playboy philosophy.

One day when I was in seventh grade, my friend Lynn leaned over to my desk and whispered that she had found some magazines with pictures of naked girls in her father's desk. The photo also made me feel ugly, which, in my 12-year-old brain, was about as bad."If Lynn's dad likes this, how bad can it be? Hefner, as one chuckling headline put it, was "the original playboy." Later, in his dotage, as he roamed his mansion in silk pajamas, attended by an ever-changing entourage of young blond women, he was cast as the swashbuckling elder statesman of the sexual revolution, still livin' the dream, the guy who made good sex available to one and all.

All it took was the purchase of a Marilyn Monroe photo from a suburban calendar company.

That's the spark Playboy creator Hugh Hefner needed to complete his vision for a gentleman's publication.

I do everything in my power to make him comfortable in our relationship—including neglecting a friendship with a guy I used to hook up with.

Not only does it offend and sadden me that this box is so meaningful to him, but I’m terrified that I’ll accidentally uncover it at some point. A: My first question is why are you doing “everything in [your] power to make him comfortable,” including ending a friendship you presumably enjoyed?

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We’re living together and everything has been ideal. After listening to a podcast together about a similar subject, he mentioned that he has a box of nude photos of various exes.